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Yelp 5 Star Rating of Varsity Termite Control in Phoenix, AZ

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Commercial Termite Control That Is Affordable, Safe & Effective

If our inspection shows that you do have termites, don’t worry! Our combination of termite control methods and techniques can quickly eliminate the problem. We will use methods such as baiting, spraying, orcompletely fumigating, to get rid of the termites. We will then implement preventative measures to avoid any future termite problems.

As you probably know already, there are some other termite control services here in Arizona. However, if you want the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for your business, we’re the best company out there! All of the members of our friendly team of termite control experts are completely focused on customer service. We want to make sure that we are giving you the best possible service, and that you are happy with our work every step of the way! To accomplish this, we exhibit friendly, approachable attitudes, and we hope that you won’t hesitate to contact us at (602) 757-8252 about any questions or concerns you might have during the process.

Termite Spraying

In addition to locating the source of your termites, the experts at Varsity Termite and Pest Control spray a special pesticide made for termites, creating an invisible barrier that stops termites cold while leaving your family safe and protected.

Termite Protection

In addition to spraying in all likely areas, we are able to identify high risk and highly affected area, and give extra need and attention to these. Our Technicians keep records on your trouble areas, and take pride in making sure they are handled.

Termite Inspections

Not sure if you have a termite infestation? Don’t even know if you need to hire a pest control company that specializes in termites? Start things out by having one of our experienced termite specialists out to do a free evaluation on the termite situation in your home.

Termite Education

We help our clients to understand the potential risks and signs that you are living with termites. A common problem in AZ, termites can damage your home more than you might imagine. Sagging and unstable walls mean crushed plumbing, snapped electrical, Problems with AC units draining and more.

Pre-treating New Construction

In Arizona, homes are so vulnerable to damage from termite infestation that we are required to pretreat the area where the home is built. Varsity can affordably pretreat any new construction. We have expedited scheduling, to work with your concrete pour and time your spray perfectly.

Termite Maintenance

From dried up tubules on the floor in the garage to subtle marking on your drywall, the tell tale signs of Termites are everywhere. While we

Truly Awesome Customer Service

Our Customers Talk. They say good things about our Arizona Termite spraying and extermination Service. In fact, we have dozens of 5 star reviews on Google and Yelp that tell stories of successful Termite treatments in Phoenix and other cities where we have help residents or businesses take care of their termite infestations.

A Plan For Termites

How long until these pests come back? What can I do to prevent it? How can I mitigate the damage to my home? Simply doing a one time treatment without having an effective control and prevention plan can lead to a resurgence and damage to your property. Keeping your termites in check is easy, as long as you communicate with your pest control company about the issue and make sure they are taking appropriate steps to treat the termite infected areas.

What Are Some Of The Main Services Your Termite Company Offers?

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  • 5 Star Rated On Google And Yelp

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Termite Company Reviews

Selecting a Pest Control company that is not highly rated on Google and Yelp is asking for trouble. If a termite service cannot keep their clients happy, their technicians on-time and ensure an effective service, they will have bad reviews on the Internet. Varsity Termite And Pest is one of the most highly rated termite control companies in Arizona.

“Great Termite Company, The Best”

Thank you so much, Tony and the team at Varsity, I had termite treatments a few times before but they kept coming back, no problems at all now!” – Franklin S, Phoenix, AZ


I found them on Google, they had good reviews. Called, scheduled an appointment. Guy showed up, on time, did his thing, left, and I have no termites 2 months later. I had three quotes, theirs was the cheapest, but a great service.five-stars-reviews
Sam T, Mesa AZ
I had several other companies out over the years to deal with termites, I just assumed that was a burden and curse I would deal with the rest of my life. Varsity has been the best by far, their guys are always polite and professional, and their may be termites still in the ground somewhere, but I can’t tell, so I appreciate that :).
Mike L, Chandler AZ
Great job guys, really appreciated the work. Mike from your company came, he really knew his stuff. I had researched extensively, I am an engineer, but he was clearly pretty advanced in his field, I was really impressed with his insights into the bugs, the chemicals, methodologies for addressing them and new development, really cool to get a pro!
Tom R, Gilbert AZ

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