Having tiny critters invading your home is terrifying. Small pest like cockroaches, crickets, ants and termites are insects that make you jump on the couch. Crickets can jump, and when one is trying to run away from one, the cricket will jump right next to you, scaring you again. Getting rid of one jumping cricket is easy, it’s difficult when a pest can fly. Did you know that there are winged termites and flying ants? These pest that are found in Arizona are tiny and identifying them is difficult. At first glance, both look like deform flies. The ants look normal, until they start flying and chasing you around the house. Winged termites are even horrifying, because they are smaller than ants. Both the winged termite and flying ant look very similar, however are very distinct.

winged termites vs flying ants


The antennas of both the termite and ant are very different. The termites has short, tight antennas, whereas a flying ant has longer and bented antennae. By glancing at both insects, their antennae will look very similar. After grabbing a magnifying glass and encountering with a termite and ant, you will notice the difference. However, there are a few people who are willing to look at the attannea of a termite and ant with a magnifying glass. These tiny critters are creepy. If you believe you have an ant or termite infestation, call a termite pest control in Paradise Valley to have a termite exterminator in Paradise Valley inspect your house and identify the creepy critter for you.


Another identifier are the wings of each critter. The wings of the termite are white, translucent in color, straight and the same size. The wings look like a propeller or like a pair of dragonfly wings. The wings of the flying ant are dark brown tint, and the front set is twice the size of the back pair.


The wings plus the body form will be easier to identify a winged termite and a flying ant. The termite has a uniform width body throughout. The body of the ants body is composed of three regions, the head, thorax, and abdomen. The ant it sort of a snowman. The abdomen is the big bottom, then the thorax and lastly the head. However the flying ant is not big and fluffy, like snowman. The ant’s body looks bended and very bumpy, whereas the termite is straight and looks like it carries a cape around. Identifying the ant verse the termite is easier if you just focus on the wings and the body. You don’t have to get a magnifying glass and be really close to examine them.


If you don’t want to examine the pest at all, look at the damages that the winged termites or flying ants are causing to your property. Termites are more savages then ants. Termites are found in decompose trees, stumps, wood debris, and other wood materials. Ants inhabit wood and wooden parts of the structure. Both pests love wood, the difference is that termites eats the wood. Termites will devour it where as the ants will just hide and inhabit it. If you notice termites/ants with wings, anaylis the wood. If the wood is severly damage, you have termites. If you don’t see any damages, you have ants. Either way, if you suspect flying pest in your home and notice decaying wood, call a termite exterminator to inspect your home. It is better to be sure then handling the situation with a hunch.


winged termites feasting on woodThe diet of the termite is very different from the ant. Ants are omnivores, they eat nectar, seeds, other insects, and food debris. If you have food laying around in your house or outside, you will attract ants, including the flying ones. Termites feed on cellulose, a nutrient-rich material found in plants. Wood comes from a big plant. Wood, paper and cardboard have cellulose within their chemical/biology elements. If you have a old storage room and you feel small critters, it’s a high chance that you have termites. Maintain your house clean and adequate, it will keep both, termites and ants, away from your home. Food is the number one attractions for pest.

People of Arizona, just remember that winged termites have straight antennae, equal length wings and a straight width body, and flying ants has bent antennae, unequal length wings and pinch waist. You may self inspect your house to indicate if you have termites or ants. Whatever your conclusions may be, flying ants or winged termites inhabiting in your house or outside in your lawn, call a termite pest control company. Varsity Termite and Pest Control in Arizona have certified termite exterminators that can help you with your infestation. If you happen to have termites, we will provide you with the best termite treatment to get rid of current termites and make sure your home becomes termite/ant free.

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