prevent termites in your home with these tried and tested tips

Regardless of what you may have heard, it really is a two-part process to prevent the access of termite colonies in the home. There are of course a few things you can do to help prevent these colonies from home damage. Not only are preventative treatments for termites important, it is also important to determine what system of monitoring, bait and direct treatment to the wood you are going to put into effect. These tend to depend on the construction type of your home and the signs of activity in your neighborhood and in your home.

Work with a professional who actually knows what to do when it comes to home protection against termites. Address home conditions with experts like Termite Help to check wood to ground contact and excessive moisture, which tends to be conducive to the activity of termites. Get the help of a qualified expert to schedule regular inspections for termites annually or quarterly depending on how bad the potential infestation is in your area.


Ask professional help from Termite Help to find out what recommendations they have for your home. This includes direct wood treatment, liquid treatment or monitoring systems. There are stations to monitor and this happens to be the option that is the least intrusive as it shows you warning signs of activities before anything even happens.

Less Moisture

Fix faulty lines of condensation from air conditioners, faulty gutters and leaky plumbing that might have drips. Address problems of moisture in crawlspace areas and basements. Ensure that around the foundation of your home, water does not start pooling around. The same holds true for your roof. Check to see if your roof is collecting water without you knowing it. Water not just causes severe water damage in the long run; it truly makes your home attractive to pests such as termites. This is something you can really avoid by doing what needs to be done before the infestation even occurs. In order to accomplish a pest—free home, enlist the assistance of Termite Help, a qualified termite control specialist in Goodyear with a great track record and truly happy customers as well as returning clientele.

Reduce Sources of Food

thumbs upThrow out extra material made of cellulose around your home such as the ones stored in crawling spaces. Use alternatives that are cellulose free to replace landscaping mulch or move it backwards half a food from your foundations. Ensure that the wood sidings are a minimum of half a food above ground level as well.

Preventative Measures

Take away all access that termites might potentially use to get into your home. Seal gas lines and water lines where these enter your home to help in entry point elimination. One usual point of access is wood to ground contact which subterranean termites use to gain entrance into your house. Reduce contact of wood to ground. If you already have this, make it less attractive to termites by using a termiticide or calling a professional like Termite Help.

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