Termite infestation is one of the worst things that can happen to your home or property. In fact, treating it may cost more than what you spent for construction. But more than the financial implications, a termite situation can affect your overall quality of life, especially if these pests have rendered your abode uninhabitable.

While there are ways to battle a termite infestation in Paradise Valley, the best course of action against these pests is to prevent them from even coming in contact with the structure of your home. Inhibiting their access as well as their awareness of possible food sources that are available in your property should be your goal. Just like common diseases, prevention will always be better than cure when it comes to termite infestations.

prevent termites from infesting your home through these 5 tips

If you want to step up your preventive measures against termites, here are five tips to help you out:

1. Consult termite experts.

Termite behavior can be challenging to understand. Aside from their small size, termite infestation is not easily detected because it begins in obscure areas of a property—behind walls or underneath the ground.

Termite experts have the knowledge not just to fight termites, but also to conduct preventive steps that are suitable for your property. They will take into consideration the features of your home, possible pest entryways, location, and other important factors as they devise a course of action for you. More so, they have access to tools that are not typically available to consumers.

While you need to allot money for the services of termite specialists, it will be a small amount compared to the cost that you need to shoulder if a termite infestation takes place and goes out of hand.

Before you construct a home or purchase a property, make sure that termite experts in Paradise Valley take a look at it and provide you an evaluation. Based from their assessment, they can suggest ways to prevent termites from coming in the property or possible treatments if they detected pest activity within the structure.

Scheduling yearly inspections is a must. However, get in touch with a pest expert right away if you’re suspicious of termite presence in your property.

If you have a property in Arizona, whether it’s residential or commercial, please get in touch with us for a termite inspection, free-of-charge. Call (602) 757-8252 or fill up this form.

2. Inhibit termite access.

A termite infestation begins when these creatures detect an entry point or access to their food source, which are cellulose-rich materials such as wood.

Wood is a major part of a structure’s foundation and at the same time, it is one of the things that termites love to feed on. Should you forego using wood in your home or property just to avoid termites? Definitely not, but what you can do is block possible entryways such as cracks or holes. Doing so is a good way to inhibit any lurking termite from finding an opening and getting inside your home’s walls, doors, and foundation.

Also, limit direct contact of wood to the ground. Termites that thrive on the soil can easily gain a foothold on your property through building tunnels from the ground going to your structure. If wood-ground contact is inevitable, ask experts about wood treatments to repel termites.

3. Get rid of termite food source.

Termites feed on cellulose, and as mentioned, wood is very rich in them. But even if wood is an essential part of your property; you can still limit possible food sources of termites within your yard. Aside from blocking cracks and holes, you can get rid of excess cellulose in your home such as dead trees and firewood that are already of no use to you.

If you need to store excess wood materials, do so at a distant location from your home. Keep them off the ground and put barriers underneath that are made of metal or concrete.

In addition, consider using cellulose-free landscaping materials.

4. Cut termite water supply.

Just like humans, termites need water to survive.

Fix leaks. Leaks and pipe problems make it easy for termites to find water and thrive in your home. Moreover, maintain vegetation properly around your property. Don’t let plants grow into huge bushes, because when they crowd or clump, they can result to increased moisture and attract termites.

5. Look out for your soil.

Prevent Termites from Infesting your Home through These 5 TipsThe soil can be a nest for termites, especially the subterranean species that build their colonies underneath the ground.

Treating your soil can be a good way to keep termites away and prevent them from growing underneath. Termite experts can suggest ways on what type of chemical solution is appropriate for the land within your property.

Avoid burying dead wood or waste lumber underneath the ground. Even if they are submerged in the soil, termites can still detect them and find their way to those food sources.

Clean your yard and get rid of dried leaves, branches, and decaying twigs or plants. Dead roots should also be picked from the ground. Just like waste lumber, termites can be drawn to them when they get buried in the soil.

Also, be careful of how you use mulch. Termites love it for the same reasons that you use it to cultivate soil. Because mulch is essentially pulped wood, its cellulose make-up along with its moisture is a good combination for termites and their survival.

Just like using wood, there’s no need to get rid of mulch altogether. What you can do is use it strategically and just apply it in certain areas that are not directly adjacent to the structures of your home. In addition, you can use alternatives that are less termite-friendly such as rubber mulch, which offers the same benefits but doesn’t attract termites as much as traditional mulch.

Termite infestation is a common problem that a property owner may face, but the good news is there are ways to avoid the hassle of dealing with such predicament. The five tips discussed will help you do exactly that.

Meanwhile, if you need more information on termite infestations and how to treat them, you can read helpful articles in our blog section or get in touch with our team.

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