We understand how much time and energy you put into your business. It’s a lot more than just running it! You have to worry about managing your staff, paying bills, bringing customers in, and keeping an overall clean and welcoming facility. However, all of your hard work can come crashing down if you suddenly get overrun by termites. If you get become completely infested with termites, you may have to shut down your business, and lose a large, costly amount of inventory. You also might lose your business’s certification from agencies that have certain standards, if you end up having a termite infestation. Periodic termite checks by a reliable company are crucial in preventing all of these possible negative outcomes, and we are just the company that can help!

impact of termites at a commercial property

Termite prevention is just as important as termite control.  Prevention of termites at a commercial location will help control potential lost time, lost inventory or more devastating, you business license.   Our termite control prevention program is designed to prevent and potential termite damage to your property.  We survey vulnerable areas of your building and analyze areas with different habitats for other pests.  We look for areas with wood, food supply, moisture, temperature differences, vegetation and exposure to amounts of sunlight.

Should you have pests in an office, this can be a setback to employee health as well as a liability.  Preventative commercial termite control can be treated during off hours.  We work with commercial clients to ensure we do not interrupt any business operations.

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